River Surfing?!?

Rocky Mountain River Surfing was founded in 2011. Our mission is simple:  To bring the exciting and unique sport of River Surfing to the masses. The great thing about the action/adventure sport of river surfing is that it gives the landlocked an opportunity to surf, despite that we are hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest ocean!

Surfing itself has endless benefits for the mind, body and soul.  We take on anyone who has a willingness to learn, a big hearty smile and a competent swimming ability.  River surfing requires an incredible amount of balance, focus and bravery.  We cover everything in the lesson from dryland popups to river etiquette and dangers.

Our two-hour Lessons run year round and are $80/person . All gear will be provided. Stoked to see you on the river!


Our Passions



Surfing in Alberta


Being Goofballs


Washing Wetsuits


Making people smile


"Thanks a lot for making sure everyone had a blast... Quite a few people said they had the time of their lives and are even contemplating moving to Alberta after your lesson :)"

− Antoni

" Thanks man! The lesson was epic....I'm already hooked!"

− Shawn

"Just wanted to thank you Jeff and Jacob for an amazing experience!! You guys were great as well as the rest of the group. I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to get out again... And again!! lol"

− Jill