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#WAVEWEDNESDAY is a huge success!
Surfing is typically a solo sport but the culture of river surfing is still in its golden era and much different.  Each Wednesday we see a group of die hard surf lovers throwing themselves off the rocks and into the Bow River.  The culture is welcoming and friendly and an RMRS instructor is always around to give a pointer or two.

If you’re looking to come check it out you can find us under the 10th st. bridge.  Bring a bathing suit and some cash though, you’ll probably want to get in the water!  Rentals and lessons info is here:

If you’re not sure whether to get a lesson or rent, renting is good for those with both ocean and river experience.  Lessons are designed for those new to the river and may want to pursue it more than just the one time.  Classes cover everything so that you can come out on your own in the future and have more success down the road.  We also get into equipment so you know what to buy when it comes time to getting your own gear.

Stoked to see you on the river!!
Jacob Kelly.

More pics and video:
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What do I need to start river surfing in Calgary?

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A common question we get asked at RMRS is what do I need to start surfing in Calgary?  What board do I need to buy?  What wetsuit works the best for the river?  These are excellent questions but the answer is tricky because it is a little bit different for everyone.  If you find yourself asking these questions, please drop us a line:  We will be happy assist you and let you know your options.

If you are new to the sport, you may want to consider our wetsuit/board combo.  With our 10 years of river surfing experience we have found the best introductory wetsuit and the friendliest board for navigating river waves.  For only $500* you’ll have everything you need to start surfing for less than a snowboard and a single day lift pass.

*$500 package requires ordering in a wetsuit and boards are based on stock on hand. Greco recently raised their shipping prices and this is reflected in the price.

So rather than giving you a grocery list of items to purchase for your new favourite sport I will cover some frequently asked questions.  Often times these questions are coming from ocean surfers who already know a little about wetsuits and surfboards.

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River Surfing Equipment for 2015

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The surf season here in Calgary is approaching! We are so stoked to get back in the water and teach more people to surf!! Did you know we sell wetsuits, boards and all kinds of other goodies? Check out the catalogue. WE DO FOUR GEAR ORDERS A YEAR. THIS NEXT ORDER IS DUE BY WEDNESDAY APRIL 13TH.

Here’s the link to the 2015 catalogue.

If you’re new to the river things to look for are 5/4 wetsuits, that’s 5mm of neoprene where you need it the most. Anything thinner may not keep you warm enough in our mountain fed rivers. Some of the newer neoprenes are much better and act like they are thicker like Rip Curl’s Flashbomb with E4 neoprene. You will also need gloves and booties to brave the cold :) But with the right gear you should be getting out of the water when your legs and arms are giving out and you can’t possibly surf any longer, not because you got cold!

For beginners looking to get into the sport take advantage of our wetsuit, board combo special for $500. This is a great deal and specific to Calgary river waves (we just recommend surfers over 180lbs don’t go with a Greco).

Sizing charts are available and this catalogue is a curated list but more gear is available. If you see something online you want support local and talk to us first!

Thanks for helping us grow the surf community here in Calgary and Alberta. I look forward to seeing you on the water!!

Stoked and flow,
Jacob Kelly



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Surfing in Calgary??  Really??

That’s right, the 10th st. wave, the wave that started it all is working again!!
Hundreds of people passing on the path have already stop to grab a pic and upload with the hashtag, #surfyyc.

Below is Rocky Mountain River Surfing’s founder Jeff Brooks surfing the 10th Street wave back in 2005!



The Alberta River Surfing Association was formed soon after and we’ve been surfing in Calgary, Alberta and around the world ever since!!

If you are interested in surfing the 10th St. wave in Calgary RMRS is happy to provide you with a rental surfboard or sell you one!  We unfortunately cannot offer lessons at this point in Calgary but contact us if you’re interested in a rental!


Rental Prices:

$20 for one hour
$25 per day

$20 for one hour
$25 per day

(pick up/drop off at the wave or on Home Rd. in Bowness)
Email to arrange pickup:

RMRS is the leaders in making river surfing accessible to anyone in Alberta. Drop us a line any time if you want to chat surfing!!!

Gear Order – June 15

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Did you know RMRS rents and sells river surfing equipment? We take preorders three times a year to make quality gear available to the river surfers here in Alberta. Jeff and I have been surfing in Alberta for almost ten years now and we know how hard it is to get quality stuff this far from the ocean. We’re just doing what we can to make that a little easier…

Here’s the link to the 2014 catalogue.

Email us if you would like to order a suit, a board, some booties or just want to ask questions about what works best for river surfing!!


Surf Polo 2014!!

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Surf Polo is a success!! This past season Jeff and the RMRS crew decided it would be a good idea to paddle around a pool with surf boards… turns out it was! hahaha!!! Seriously, as it turns out Surf Polo is a great work out and the most fun you can have when there’s no river waves to surf. It was incredible to see the game evolve and the players improve everything from paddling to positional play. One of the coolest aspects of the game is we are used to surfing, a solo sport. Having a team to play with each week added a new element to my surf life. I’m stoked to play again next season!!

Stoke & Flow,
Jacob Kelly.

In the News

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Surfer set to make Calgary-area tube city 11



1312178791180_ORIGINALSurf’s up, cowdude.

Calgary may not be as well known as Hawaii’s North Shore or Queensland’s Gold Coast when it comes to surfing hotspots, but one man is looking to change that.

Jeff Brooks, 27, began offering surfing lessons Monday in the Kananaskis River, giving enthusiasts a chance to ride a wave without having to travel to the coast.

“We’re surfing like people do in the ocean but it’s on a standing wave in a river,” he said.

“Basically you have a standing wave that’s created a number of different ways, a drop or some type of obstruction in the water, they’re anywhere from a foot to over six feet tall, it really varies.

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