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#WAVEWEDNESDAY is a huge success!
Surfing is typically a solo sport but the culture of river surfing is still in its golden era and much different.  Each Wednesday we see a group of die hard surf lovers throwing themselves off the rocks and into the Bow River.  The culture is welcoming and friendly and an RMRS instructor is always around to give a pointer or two.

If you’re looking to come check it out you can find us under the 10th st. bridge.  Bring a bathing suit and some cash though, you’ll probably want to get in the water!  Rentals and lessons info is here:  www.rockymountainriversurfing.com/booking

If you’re not sure whether to get a lesson or rent, renting is good for those with both ocean and river experience.  Lessons are designed for those new to the river and may want to pursue it more than just the one time.  Classes cover everything so that you can come out on your own in the future and have more success down the road.  We also get into equipment so you know what to buy when it comes time to getting your own gear.

Stoked to see you on the river!!
Jacob Kelly.

More pics and video: instagram.com/jacob.kelly.surfs/
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Surfing in Calgary??  Really??

That’s right, the 10th st. wave, the wave that started it all is working again!!
Hundreds of people passing on the path have already stop to grab a pic and upload with the hashtag, #surfyyc.

Below is Rocky Mountain River Surfing’s founder Jeff Brooks surfing the 10th Street wave back in 2005!



The Alberta River Surfing Association was formed soon after and we’ve been surfing in Calgary, Alberta and around the world ever since!!

If you are interested in surfing the 10th St. wave in Calgary RMRS is happy to provide you with a rental surfboard or sell you one!  We unfortunately cannot offer lessons at this point in Calgary but contact us if you’re interested in a rental!


Rental Prices:

$20 for one hour
$25 per day

$20 for one hour
$25 per day

(pick up/drop off at the wave or on Home Rd. in Bowness)
Email to arrange pickup: rockymountainriversurfing@gmail.com

RMRS is the leaders in making river surfing accessible to anyone in Alberta. Drop us a line any time if you want to chat surfing!!!

Gear Order – June 15

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Did you know RMRS rents and sells river surfing equipment? We take preorders three times a year to make quality gear available to the river surfers here in Alberta. Jeff and I have been surfing in Alberta for almost ten years now and we know how hard it is to get quality stuff this far from the ocean. We’re just doing what we can to make that a little easier…

Here’s the link to the 2014 catalogue.

Email us if you would like to order a suit, a board, some booties or just want to ask questions about what works best for river surfing!!


In the News

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Surfer set to make Calgary-area tube city 11



1312178791180_ORIGINALSurf’s up, cowdude.

Calgary may not be as well known as Hawaii’s North Shore or Queensland’s Gold Coast when it comes to surfing hotspots, but one man is looking to change that.

Jeff Brooks, 27, began offering surfing lessons Monday in the Kananaskis River, giving enthusiasts a chance to ride a wave without having to travel to the coast.

“We’re surfing like people do in the ocean but it’s on a standing wave in a river,” he said.

“Basically you have a standing wave that’s created a number of different ways, a drop or some type of obstruction in the water, they’re anywhere from a foot to over six feet tall, it really varies.

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In The News

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Surfers catch waves on Kananaskis River

Tanner Holthe, The Journal

Originally posted: THURSDAY, 29 APRIL 2010 13:25

Albertans find substitute for ocean swells in their backyard
Describing river surfing to a landlocked Albertan is a difficult task. Traditionally, surfing has been an activity reserved for places nestled by the ocean.

With the sport of river surfing gaining popularity, it is becoming a common sight to see surfers riding the Kananaskis River. “When people think of river surfing they picture someone standing on a surfboard holding a rope or someone actually riding down the river,” says Neil Egsgard, Alberta River Surfing Association co-founder. “This is not the case. You are actually surfing. You just need fast-moving water and an obstacle. And then gravity and the river work against each other and you can ride the stationary wave.”

Egsgard began river surfing when he saw a man surfing under the 10th Street bridge in downtown Calgary. Egsgard talked to the surfer and went out to the dam-controlled Kananaskis River that weekend and tried it. After organizing a small crew of devoted surfers, Egsgard and his friends decided, over a few pints of beer, to start the Alberta River Surfing Association to help spread the word about the sport in Alberta.

Egsgard tries to head out surfing every weekend. “It’s the flow, the connection to the moment,” he said. “When you are surfing, you can’t think of anything else. It is just you and the world.

“You are not attached to anything but you are just perfectly in tune. When you surf, there is this thing called flow. Everything is transcended; you’re on the edge of your ability. Your mind turns into action. You’re not thinking, you’re doing,”
The association has been successful at helping fellow Albertans enjoy surfing without leaving the province. Egsgard says he now sees as many as 75 surfers out during peak season, which is between June and September.

Jacob Quinlan took up surfing while backpacking for eight months in Australia. When he came home to attend the University of Lethbridge, he started a surf club and brought fellow students down to California for annual surf trips. It was a member of his surf club that introduced him to the idea of river surfing. At first, Quinlan says he thought it sounded like a silly idea.

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