River Surfing Equipment for 2015

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The surf season here in Calgary is approaching! We are so stoked to get back in the water and teach more people to surf!! Did you know we sell wetsuits, boards and all kinds of other goodies? Check out the catalogue. WE DO FOUR GEAR ORDERS A YEAR. THIS NEXT ORDER IS DUE BY WEDNESDAY APRIL 13TH.

Here’s the link to the 2015 catalogue.

If you’re new to the river things to look for are 5/4 wetsuits, that’s 5mm of neoprene where you need it the most. Anything thinner may not keep you warm enough in our mountain fed rivers. Some of the newer neoprenes are much better and act like they are thicker like Rip Curl’s Flashbomb with E4 neoprene. You will also need gloves and booties to brave the cold :) But with the right gear you should be getting out of the water when your legs and arms are giving out and you can’t possibly surf any longer, not because you got cold!

For beginners looking to get into the sport take advantage of our wetsuit, board combo special for $500. This is a great deal and specific to Calgary river waves (we just recommend surfers over 180lbs don’t go with a Greco).

Sizing charts are available and this catalogue is a curated list but more gear is available. If you see something online you want support local and talk to us first!

Thanks for helping us grow the surf community here in Calgary and Alberta. I look forward to seeing you on the water!!

Stoked and flow,
Jacob Kelly


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